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We’re always looking for passionate, knowledgeable,
and all around great people who specialize in
Biomedical Engineering & Opthalmics.

Work with state of the art technology and a team of
highly competent individuals to solve complex engineering problems
and impact the health of millions across the globe.

Software Engineers

Are you an experienced Software Engineer who aspires to join company that is at the leading edge of ophthalmic software and hardware? We are developing innovative hardware and software solutions for the medical and ophthalmic industries world-wide, including big name high street opticians.

We are looking for experienced, proactive software developers to work in the Software Engineering team on the creation and development the Company’s new software products. Both, standalone software and embedded hardware control software.

  • Building, coding, testing and implementing the Company’s software products.
  • Working collaboratively with Client companies to determine, develop and deliver semi-bespoke solutions to meet their needs and solve any relevant problems.
  • Working with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the wider team to turn product concepts into agreed, detailed product blueprints.
  • Working with any outsourced suppliers in the development of the AEL software products.
  • Writing documentation and customer training material.
  • Undertaking systems integration work, when required, for larger clients.
  • Managing all source code using a distributed version control system.

Optometry Engineers

Due to our continued growth and expansion, we are looking for an experienced, proactive, and highly motivated specialists in optometry to work, in conjunction with other engineering, production, and operations staff, on the creation and development AEL’s products.

We are developing innovative solutions for ophthalmic industries world-wide, including big name high street opticians.

You will report directly to the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and form part of the Engineering team.

  • Providing optometry expertise and input in to the development of AEL products.
  • Working collaboratively with Software Engineers to design, build, and test AEL’s software products.
  • Working collaboratively with both Hardware and Software Engineers to design, create, and test AEL’s instruments and devices.
  • Working collaboratively with Client’s to determine, develop, and deliver bespoke solutions to meet their needs.
  • Working on clinical trials of AEL products.
  • Developing and delivering training programmes for AEL products.
  • Adherence to governance requirements including quality, security, legislation, and general good practice.