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Collaborative Research

Aston University has the top ranked Optometry department in the UK and its world leading Ophthalmic Research Group has over a 30 year history. Its mission is to advance significantly understanding of the development, use, preservation and restoration of ocular function in humans by research on clinical and applied matters relevant to optometry and ophthalmology. The multidisciplinary staff conduct research into Ocular Health & Disease Screening, Ophthalmic Devices & Technology and Physiological Optics.
The global impact of the collaboration between Aston EyeTech’s industrial skills and commercial acumen and Aston University’s academic expertise has already provided innovative solutions to partners located in the UK, USA, India and Australia.
Aston EyeTech was created by researchers from the Ophthalmic Research Group to allow commercialisation of their intellectual property and to support their industrial partners to enhance and validate their prototype technology. Projects include: advanced, ‘intelligent’, diagnostic support software; portable, low cost, innovative instrumentation to assess eye health and to refract the eyes; and refinement and validation of eye tracking equipment to diagnose and manage visual fatigue.

Innovative Design

Traditional solutions in the optical industry don’t translate to markets where the clinic needs to travel to the client rather than the client to the clinic. As a result large expensive white instruments are slowly being replaced by instruments designed to be light weight and portable for use in client’s home and on the road. Aston EyeTech are taking this idea to the next level by creating a suite of lightweight portable instruments which integrate into one platform and have a form factor and robustness that are suitable for the job in hand.
Engineering development and prototyping has moved forward at an unparalleled pace in the last 5 years and the combination of CAD/CAM with 3d printing has proved to be the perfect tool for the “Rapid Prototyping” development methodology. That allows developers and client alike to visualise the product under development far quicker than ever before. Aston EyeTech exploits these techniques fully, delivering its most recent optical instrument from concept to customer door in less than 6 months.